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The Kangook Basik

Starting at $1199


The Kangook Basik is available as a trike or a kuad!  It is the most compact paramotor trike/kuad on the market!  This light weight design is available in two configurations: the Basik Standard and the Basik Komfort. 

Both versions of the Basik are compact!  The one inch diameter reinforced fiberglass axles provide an excellent suspension and are easily removed with a single quick release pin.  The trike can be further broken down with no parts longer than 38 inches on the Basik Standard

Both versions of the Basik can easily accept virtually all makes and models of paramotors!

Trike or Kuad:

Three wheels?  Four wheels?  How about both!  The Basik can be had has a trike as well as a kuad.  The basik can also be easily converted back and forth!

The Basik Standard:

Have the best of both worlds, foot launch and wheel launch!  There is no need to change the hang points on your foot launch machine with the Basik Standard!  This trike/kuad is an independent chassis allowing the quick attachment of any foot launch paramotor.  Four bolts are used to quickly and tightly secure the foot launch paramotor to the trike frame allowing the use paramotor harness and swing arms you already have!  The Basik Standard can be converted to the Basik Komfort at any time.

The Basik Komfort: