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Kangook Paramotors

The all new Kangook Amaruk is the latest in a long line of development at Kangook Paramotors, introduced in the spring of 2021 has set the bar on ergonomics, torque compensation, and weight shift authority for foot launch powered paragliders.  The 140cm cage diameter is perfect for pilots of all sizes and statures. 

The Kangook Phoenix K2 was introduced in 2020 and sports a modern frame geometry, precision cut cnc spars, and is available in both 132cm and 146cm cage diameters.  The smaller cage is excellent for those smaller in stature while still allowing use of a 125cm prop and the larger cage allows propellers of up to 135cm or even 140cm giving your powered paraglider maximum thrust with minimal fuel burn!  The sleek design offers great looks with excellent netting coverage. 

The Kangook Classic is the only model offered by Kangook Paramotors that comes with a double hoop completely protecting the propeller.  This is an excellent configuration for schools, beginners, trikes, and those that prefer a clutch-less motor.  Just like the Phoenix K2, the Classic is available in 132cm and 146cm cage diameters.

The Kangook Vikking (with two K's) is the most affordable powered paraglider Kangook offers....but trust me, don't mistake value for less performance!  the Kangook Vikking is available in 132cm and 146cm cage diameters.  

Kangook Kustomization!
The sky's the limit!

Kangook paramotors are by far the most modular paramotors on the market.  Multiple harnesses options, swing arms, fuel tank volumes, and throttles create 32 unique configurations available for the Kangook Amaruk alone.

The most popular configurations are stocked right in the middle of the USA in Wichita, KS allowing us to provide fast shipping and delivery of Kangook paramotors and Kangook trikes.  We all carry a range of spares to make sure we keep you flying!  

Don't see what you are looking for?  Have some unanswered questions?  Looking for advice?  Looking for a referral to a qualified powered paragliding instructor? Just send us an e-mail or give use a call.  I guarantee we can find the solution you are looking for!

All Kangook Paramotors come with the following warranty covering manufacturing defects:

Engine: 1 year

Frames: 3 years

Cages: 3 years

Harness: 3 years

Kangook Amaruk
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