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Flying any paramotor involves risk.  The paramotor pilot is solely responsible for assessing the condition of all flying equipment, the legality of the flight in accordance to local regulations, the weather conditions surrounding the flight, the pilot’s mental and physical state and any other factor relevant to the flight.  Failure to do so may result in injury or death.  The regulations concerning the operation of Paramotors / Motorized Paragliders (PPG) will differ depending on your country, state, and city.  Before flying, ensure any local licensing requirements (if applicable), laws, rules and regulations are met.  Always complete a thorough preflight inspection and check your aircraft before taking off.  You alone are the pilot in command and are solely responsible for the decisions you make in the course of your flight.  If your paramotor equipment is not functioning properly, do not fly until you have corrected the problem.  Remember, take-offs are optional, while landings are not.

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