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Paramotor Engines


Vittorazi Paramotor Engines

Vittorazi Motors of Morrovalle, Italy manufactures the well known Atom 80 and Moster 185 paramotor engine models. The company was started in in 1984 by Vittoriano Orazi who comes from a racing and inventing background. Vittorazi engines have an excellent power/weight ratio and are completely manufactured in Italy. Order one for your Kangook paramotor today!

Polini Paramotor Engines

Polini Motori of Italy manufactures a variety of paramotor engine models they call the ‘Thor’. The company was founded in 1945 in the city of Alzano Lombardo, Bergamo, Italy (and are still there today). Through the years they supplied small two stroke engines for the moped and racing market. In 2009 they launched the Thor brand specifically for the paramotor engine. Current Polini engines include the Thor 80, 130, 190, 200 and 250. Get yours from Kangook America today!

Corsair Paramotor Engines

Cors-Air Motors of Italy manufactures several types of paramotor engine models including the Black Bee 125, Black Devil 172.5 and the Black Bull 235. The company was found in 2001 in the city of Barco di Bibbiano, Italy. They changed their name to Cors-Air in 2013 and are noted as being among the world’s first four airsport engine manufactures. In 2015, Alberto Castelli joined the company as a major shareholder. Order one from Kangook today!

Minari Paramotor Engines

Minari Engines has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing small engines for different applications. 15 years ago the idea to produce paramotor engines was born. Minari produces high quality engines for foot launch and trike paramotor applications. They offer 180cc and 200cc direct drive and clutch engines, equipped with pull start, and/or electric start options. Minari engines are 100% made in ITALY 

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