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Kangook Paramotor Manuals

Our goal at Kangook Paramotors America is to provide the best user experience possible.  Below you will find manuals relevant to the Kangook Product line as well as the engines commonly used on Kangook products.  If you have further questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations please send us an E-mail, text, or give us a call.​

Kangook Paramotors Amaruk Manual

Kangook Paramotors Product User's Guide 2020

Classic and Vikking Netting Pattern

Engine Manuals:

Vittorazi Moster 185 User's Manual

Vittorazi Atom 80 User's Manual

Vittorazi Moster Dual Start Wire Diagram

Polini Thor 80 Manual

Polini Thor 130 Evo Manual

Polini Thor 190 HF Manual

Polini Thor 202 Manual

Polini Thor 303 Manual

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