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APCO Aviation is one of the world’s leading producers of sport aviation equipment – paragliders for free flying and powered flying, as well as wings for powered parachutes, harnesses, rescue systems and accessories for our sports, and for UAV.
APCO has been producing world-beating products since the early 1970’s and continues to be the most veteran company in the field!

APCO remains at the leading edge of the industry for more than 40 years and our products hold over 16 World records and countless achievements on the national and international scene.

The APCO Factory

Inside the 3200 m2 state of the art factory specifically built for APCO’s production requirements. All APCO paragliders, harness, reserve systems and accessories are manufactured on location.

Each paraglider is individually sewn by a skilled machinist, as are the Mayday emergency parachutes and the entire range of APCO harnesses.

Once the paraglider is complete and has passed the various quality control checks it is taken out for a test inflation at one of APCO’s test sites.

APCO Reserves
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