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Located on the Annecy Lake’s shores in the heart of the Savoie mountains, ITV has exceptional sites and flight conditions for the development of its products.

Founded in 1981, ITV is today the oldest paragliding brand still in service. Since the Asterion, the first wing designed specifically for the paragliding activity, ITV has continuously participated in the evolution of the sport, enameling the history of prestigious names and innovations still current today: multicellular caissons, elliptical geometry, cascading suspension lines, V-shaped intrados, crossed bracing ...

All these years, ITV has been able to forge a strong know-how in the fields of paragliding and powered paragliding wings ...

Today, ITV is a more than 300 m2 facility dedicated to the development and glider maintenance. From a simple control to a delicate repairs, the ITV WORKSHOP can provide fast product handling and qualities workmanship.

ITV Paragliders

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