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We wanted to reinvent the Awak and offer you even more fun, a more efficient wing for expert pilots. We therefore started from scratch to offer you this new model in 3 lines, with a new shark nose profile.

Compared to the previous model, the Awak 3 has a wider speed range as well as a wider weight range.
You will be surprised to become one with your wing, which will tend to your every beck and call !
It has peps and will take you off the beaten path, we promise.

Support has been improved to allow for shorter and faster takeoffs.
Classified EN-C for sizes 17 and 20, it retains all its solidity to get throught turbulence while providing you more responsiveness.

Thanks to the ease of control in acro maneuvers, this glider is more precise and playful, allowing you to fly in strong winds, do wagas or freestyle maneuvers.
Thrills are yours!
For very experienced pilots, it can also be your best ally in mountain flights.

At the end of your flight, you can land after a long flair, which will conclude your experience in the most beautiful way.

Awak 3

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