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After many years in the field and listening to you, we decided to create the Piper Tandem, to allow you to extend your flight range.
These 4 years of development have enabled us to offer you this tandem that meets all your needs for your paramotor outings, whether they concern a leisure or professional practice.

Whether for take-off on foot or in a tandem, inflating the Piper Tandem is a formality: in calm conditions, the wing inflates on its own and stops by itself above the head thanks to its full reflex profile .
The support is done very quickly and allows a quick and efficient take-off.

Compared to tandems in the same category, the speed range is more extensive.
The wing can be steered with the main brakes but also with the separate TSTs, which can be offset: whatever your trike, you can benefit from TST steering at the height that suits you best.

The first feedback we received on Piper Tandem flights highlights the exceptional stability of this wing compared to other models in the same category.
Indeed, the Piper Tandem crosses turbulence</