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Let's talk about the technologies that have been developed to accompany you in all your adventures! Its innovative profile considerably increases the internal pressure of the wing: the result is a rapid filling of the wing during inflation. In the air, you will enjoy exceptional glide for this category of sail. Its optimized braking and turning will naturally help you feel all the variations in air mass for the most intuitive piloting.

Lightweight and robust, the material choices have been made as usual, in order to guarantee you a lifespan of your product among the best placed on the market. Its fully sheathed lines facilitate disentangling and setting up the sail, also guaranteeing dimensional stability over time. The risers have been optimized and simplified to their maximum, so that your wing fits as naturally as possible.

The Wasabi stands out in its class by its great ease in all phases of take-off, flight and landing. Out of its flight envelope, it will also be exemplary with soft and progressive re-inflation and re-launch, which probably makes it one of the best wings for learning aerobatics. In short, a sail to try out urgently! Whatever your level of flight, you will certainly be pleasantly charmed!


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