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The Runner XC is our new paramotor wing for experienced pilots looking for comfort and speed paired with engine and fuel economy on long distance flights.

Its performance is linked to speed gain and comfort on long flights.
In thermal conditions, its stable behaviour provides safety combined with a good soaring.

The Runner XC is available in 7 sizes.
For long distance flights with comfort and fuel economy we recommend flying up to the middle of the weight range.
For pilots looking for more agility and speed over fuel consumption we recommend flying close to the indicated maximum weight.

The Runner XC is the evolution of the Flexus and Auster GT and will fulfil the expectations of the most ambitious pilots with a minimum of 80 hours of experience.

The wing has a 3-4 line hybrid configuration since only such an arrangement allows full adjustment of profile geometry through trimmer operation.

After extensive tests and many long distance flights we concluded that the Runner XC increases engine durability, requires less fuel and motivates the pilot to cover longer distances and, if desired, to make really long cross country lights. The characteristics of the wing result in less engine RPM and vibration coming along with a considerable gain in comfort and perceptible less fatigue of the pilot.

SOL Runner XC

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