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A visit to the Kangook Factory

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

At Kangook America, we are proud to import Kangook Paramotors directly from their manufacturing facility in Canada. David Rouault, owner of Kangook Paramotors, recently invited me to visit, tour, and learn all about the brand and their history.

I spent the week of October 10th through October 16th 2021 at the Kagook factory in Shawinigan Quebec, Canada. This location is actually the second location after a fire consumed the first factory in the fall of 2018. After the fire, Kangook was able to rebound and came back stronger than ever! The fire was the inspiration for the newer Phoenix and Phoenix K2 frames. Unfortunately, most all of the production machinery was lost in the fire so the new factory has been re-tooled with nearly all CNC controlled equipment. While still a major speed bump no business owner would ever wish to cross, the fire was the catalyst for major improvements in production quality as well as their latest paramotor designs, the Phoenix series followed by the Amaruk.

I was happy to learn that all frames are built 100% from raw materials at the factory and no outsourcing is involved in the production of the Kangook paramotor frames. Aluminum tubes and channels are rough cut, bent, final cut, welded, drilled, cleaned, and powered coated all in their factory. Their material of choice for the frames is 6061 T6 aluminum which is half the weight and 80% the strength of grade 2 titanium, the alloy typically used to make titanium paramotor frames. I am surprised aluminum isn't as popular in the construction of paramotor frames as it is in every other sector of aviation.

The team at Kangook Paramotors is second to none. I was constantly impressed with their attention to quality and concern for the pilots that would fly their machines. They take quality control to such a high standard that I found a completed frame in the recycle bin. It had been rejected due to a small misalignment of a tube that caused the hoop not to line up perfectly. I am sure it could have been reworked or a hoop made to fit, but they chose to take the high road and reject the entire frame.

Daniel the production manager, was very curious to know what model was my favorite and why despite not flying himself. I felt that he genuinely took pride in the product they made and spoke to me at length about the new Kangook Nanook Evo with the Cosmos 300 engine. He was more excited about the combination than most paramotor pilots I have met!

Zach the primary welder at age 22 years produced some of the most beautiful tig welds I have seen. We spoke at length about the virtues of concave vs convex welds as well as pool size and swirl patterns in the weld!

Caroline is responsible for test fitting, final assembly, and packaging. She taught me quite a bit about the subtle details that go into a Kangook paramotor. Every pilot knows (or should know) about engine torque and the various methods used to compensate for it. Well, while I was attempting to help assemble a fuel tank, she stopped and corrected me and my assembly. Not knowing any better, I had placed the weighted fuel filter in the center of the tank. Since the tank was intended to be used on a Vittorazi Moster 185 powered Amaruk, it need to be moved to the right corner of the tank....that way the minor torque effect would allow the pilot access to 100 percent of the fuel. This is a great example of the level of detail that blew me away.

Pem, Kangook's newest team member hadn't even started yet, but made the trip to the factory just to meet. Never have I met a man with such passion for paramotor flying!

David, the owner of Kangook Paramotors was a most gracious host. Not only was I welcome to explore the factory as I pleased, I was invited into his home to meet his beautiful family, his wife and 4 children...and on top of that, share a home cooked meal! To top it of, all of this was after allowing me to fly his personal paramotor and his son's wing in scenery far superior to what we find in Kansas! Words cannot convey how welcomed I felt.

Below are some photos I took of the factory, the surrounding town, and from my flight. I look forward to returning for a second visit!

Kangook Paramotors 2699 5th Ave, Suite 20 Shawinigam Quebec, Canada G9T 2P7

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