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This is a complete Amaruk  frame.  This includes the center frame, all hoop pieces, your choice of engine mount, and a 10 or 16 liter fuel tank.


Not included are engine, swing arms, harness, propeller, and throttle.


Engine Compatibility:

-Vittorazi Atom 80 and Moster 185 (Plus, Dual Start, and Factory R)

-Polini Thor (80, 130, 190, 200, 202)

-Minari F1

-Corsair Black Devil and Black Bee 

-Air Conception Nitro 200 and Tornado 280


Swing arm compatibility:

-CNC Swan Neck Arms

-Stainless Steel Tubular Arms 


Harness Compatibility

-SOL Evolution 2

-Apco SLT

-Apco Spilt Leg

-Dudek power seat

Amaruk Frame

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